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Scale applications with
persistent memory!

Welcome to Memhive, where we strive to re-engineer and scale applications using
Intel® Optane™ Persistent Memory (PMEM). The most popular open source database PostgreSQL
is now tailored to use PMEM and it rocks! Memhive PostgreSQL v1.0 is now available.


Memhive PostgreSQL + PMEM = 


faster read


higher TPC-H throughput!


lower TCO!

0 secs

Cache warm-up


Reads TPS


TPC-H throughput


Read/write TPS



Memhive PostgreSQL advantages

Lightning fast PostgreSQL

- Upto 15X increase in OLTP
   read TPS.
- Upto 10X increase in OLAP                throughput.
- Upto 5X increase in TPC-H QPP .

In-memory like, lower TCO

- Large, PMEM resident Persistent    Cache warms up instantly upon      system reboot/server restart.
- PMEM vertically scales memory      capacity well beyond DRAM.
~50% of TCO savings compared to    DRAM.

AppDirect attach 

- Full PMEM fsdax support for            Persistent Cache and
   write-ahead log (WAL).
- Relation data on PMEM. 

PMEM manager

- Easy-to-use PMEM configurator      chooses mode, size based on          use case.
- Auto-tunes and manages                PostgreSQL for PMEM.

Best of both worlds 

- Memhive innovation in the                storage layer of PostgreSQL.
- Rest of PostgreSQL unchanged:     client side handling, on-disk data    structures, core business logic

Simple upgrade

- Existing PostgreSQL data is              retained. 
- Simple upgrade process. 


Large, affordable, persistent.

The new Intel® Optane™ Persistent Memory is a type of memory tier that provides speed and endurance similar to DRAM, with the persistence of SSDs. Optane directly attaches to the CPU, providing applications the fastest path to directly byte address Optane memory. Optane provides breakthrough performance in memory intensive applications like databases, and transforms IT with faster-than-ever-before analytics, cloud services and next-generation communication services.

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